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be a guest and feel like coming home!

About Baton Rouge

Bâton Rouge, be a guest and feel like coming home!

Bâton Rouge is a Lodge at the end of the village Vielsalm, a nice, cozy place in the heart of the Ardennes.

From our Lodge you can make beautiful trips, because Vielsalm is not that far from the country cross Luxemburg-Germany-Belgium, so you can make beautiful trips to Luxemburg, the Eiffel and off course the Belgium Ardennes.

On our website are some of the beautiful tours, which you can download easily or we also can help you put it in your GPS here in the Lodge, even if you need some help with your GPS, we can help you with that.

A bit closer to the Lodge, you can also make beautiful walks into the woods here, who are very easy to follow by the signs beside the paths or with a map, which you can use from us.

Our Lodge is just a home away home, one where you can just chill on the porch, drink a lovely Belgium beer at the bar or lie down in the sun in the grass en that is what we like about our place and we want to keep it that way, friendly with all of you, time for yourself and others and everything will be alright!

Baton Rouge

Ben and Hetty

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The lodge is located at a short distance from the Eifel, Luxembourg and in the Belgian Ardennes.


There is a large indoor garage, accessible from the road side,where motorcycles can be parked safely.

On Site

There is a very cozy bar with porch and a wide selection of Belgian beers.


Delicious dishes prepared with local produce. On Saturday there is an extensive BBQ.

Where you can find us

The History of Bâton Rouge

Bâton Rouge celebrates its 15th anniversary in 2018. But before the lodge opened its doors for the first time in 2003, a whole adventure had already preceded it.

As can be read in the story about Ben and Hetty, they searched a long time for a suitable building, before they occupied in the building they have been living and working for 15 years now. Originally, the building belonged to an old fermentation distillery, with a mill for milling grain, and the remnants of the old turbine house can still be seen on the waterfront. After years of neglect, Ben and Hetty, with their extensive restoration experience, were able to put their knowledge to use.


In order to welcome guests into the lodge, a number of preconditions were required, such as guest beds, a dining & drinking room, a kitchen and sanitary facilities. It might be difficult to imagine, but the room where the dormitory is located now, there used to be the cafe / restaurant with an old fashioned tile stove heater as central heating and a small free standing fridge for drinks.

Between 2003 and 2007 the biggest renovations took place, largely during the autumn and winter months, because the rest of the year was mainly for the guests. The ground floor has been completely transformed into a cozy café / restaurant with guest toilets, a professional kitchen and a beautiful porch. On the first floor, showers and the dormitory have been created and a beautiful new roof, now also equipped with solar panels.


The last major changes to the lodge have been the extension of the porch, the spiral staircase and the new staircase and entrance to the street, but of course Ben and Hetty always have new plans for more improvements or adjustments.


Bâton Rouge

Bendert van Reek & Hetty Everaarts


    21, Rue de la Grotte, 6690 Vielsalm, België


    Tel. +32 80 398 401,
    Mob. +32 470 72 63 15

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