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Ben's Bar

Ben's Café

The Baton Rouge café, where many motorcyclists have tasted the best beers of the ardennes, listened to Ben's favorite music and heared different stories, has allready a rich history.

"Let me start with saying, that many years ago, when Hetty and I started this business, I had no real idea where it all would lead to, I surely could not have imagined that I would be writing this story about my bar and the large range of delicious beer."

Since we started Baton Rouge in 2003, a lot has changed, I never thought I would have so many nice beers in the coolers. 

We started so small and now it is a well knowed bar with a very well knowed name. 

I'm proud of it. 

Ben van Reek



We found some beer taps on a brocante market, just outside Vielsalm. It was the first step of creating an awesome looking bar, after a while the question arose what kind of beer we should serve from those tree taps.
Luckily this problem was fixed in no time after we got to know Val Dieu beer. Alain, the owner of Val Dieu, helped us out immensely with providing the third tap in our bar. In return we have promoted Val Dieu beer in our bar, but also every year at our stand at the Motorbeurs in Utrecht, which we are known for after all these years!

But after a few years of testing new beers, the desire for more delicacies on the barrel became ever greater.

Because of our special interest in smaller breweries we got to know the St. Feuillien brewery. We tasted some beers from this brewery and that tasted really good and again totally different from Val-Dieu!

In 2015 a double cooled classic tap was installed by St. Feuillien, which made the look of the bar even better and from which the delicious St. Feuillien beer flows.

Currently, we have more than 20 different kinds of specialty beer, cooled and ready to serve. 

In addition to beer, we also have a very nice selection of wine. The wine selection is constantly changing, because every year we do some travelling and go tast Wine in France, Italy or Spain. 

Than we change the wine for the season  coming and through the years, we have a beautiful assortment of the most favarite wines we love.


Bâton Rouge

Bendert van Reek & Hetty Everaarts


    21, Rue de la Grotte, 6690 Vielsalm, België

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