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Motorlodge Regulations

To keep the stay comfortable and safe for all parties, we would like the following rules to be observed in and around the motorlodge:

  • You are a guest; treat your fellow guests, the employees, the owners and other people's property with respect.
  • It's forbidden:
    • to smoke in the entire lodge, including the garage, with exception of the veranda and the garden.
      Do not to leave cigarette buds and other litter in places that are not intended for this,
      there are ashtrays in the smoking areas and trash bins throughout the property.
    • to start your motorcycle whilst still in the garage
  • Drinks can be ordered inside the bar.
    If no one is there, call for an employee. We do NOT allow self-service at our lodge.
  • It is not permitted to bring your own (alcoholic) beverages and drink these at the lodge or on the premises.
  • Drugs and drug use is not permitted in the lodge or on our premises;
  • A specified amount of wood will be available when there is a campfire. Don’t burn everything at once but add wood gradually.
    If you need more wood for the fire, just ask for more, but don’t take any before asking.
  • Intentionally inflicted damage to our property or premises is recovered in full by the liable person or group.
  • In case of serious misconduct, we will deny access to the person or group concerned.

In addition to the rules of conduct in these Motorlodge Regulations, the General Terms and Conditions also apply.

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