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Bâton Rouge's Kitchen

What could be better, after a day of touring your motorcycle, first that well-deserved cold beer and then a delicious meal to spoil the inner self?


During the season Hetty cooks a delicious fresh meal every evening for her guests. She uses as many regional and seasonal products as possible. This applies to fruit and vegetables, but also to the meat that is used. Therefore there is a wide variety of dishes and it can be a surprise what is served in the evening.

Bâton Rouge doesn't have a ala-carte menu but used a daily menu. In our restaurant you eat a delicious three-course meal every evening, always different, but prepared with much love and fun and passion.

The Bâton Rouge BBQ

On Saturday night there is always a BBQ, even if the weather doesn't realy permit it. Because we can light up the BBQ underneath the porch, there is no reason why our now famous BBQ can't take place. The meat that we serve with this BBQ is regional and we mainly choose free range meat. With the BBQ there is always a buffet with freshly made salads from our own kitchen, delicious sauces and bread. The BBQ is finishes with a delicious dessert, from which you can take as many portions until it's finished! (As long as you leave a little for the other guests!)

Allergies & Special Diet

All dishes we serve are prepared in our own kitchen, which allows us to meet various requirements regarding allergies, diets or other eating habits. It is wise to report this in advance, preferably when placing a reservation, so that we can take this into account in our purchasing and kitchen planning.

Hetty has since gained extensive knowledge and experience in the field of allergy-friendly cooking and with her creativity she always manages to prepare a very tasty and surprising dish.


Bâton Rouge

Bendert van Reek & Hetty Everaarts


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