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15 Août 2019
Balade Moto Vielsalm

Balade moto  

Pour la deuxième fois, le Bowling et le Bâton Rouge organisent une ballade à moto à travers notre belle région ardennaise!

- 10h: petit dejeuner au Bowling
- 11h30: départ pour un tour de 100 km
- 17h: apero au Bâton Rouge. 
- 18h: bbq au Bâton Rouge

Journée complète a 30,00€ (déjeuner+balade+barbecue) 
Réservation souhaitée pour le 1er août maximum.

Réservation et paiement possible au bowling ou au Bâton rouge,

Ps: le paiement fera office de réservation

Renaud, Ben et Daisy



7 to 9 September 2018
Women-Only Weekend

For the 15th time I organize a weekend for women only. It’s for women with true girl power and knowledge about motorcycles, engine power and some serious driving skills. In the Baton Rouge bar there is a lot of talk about motorcycles and other related matters, but also holidays, work, relationships, love and clothing.

We are known as the “Scheurmutzen”, which is quite difficult to translate to the English language. The name represents the motorcycle helmets we wear (muts = hat/cap but also the female gender), being female and driving fast (“scheuren” in Dutch). Because of this nickname we are known for having lots of fun together, on arrival on Friday, during the ride on Saturday and the party in the bar on Saturday night. After the ride on Saturday we kick of our motorcycle boots and drop them in a corner together with our helmets and dance the dust off the porch all night long.


MotoMe Victory Octane test & Women-Only Weekend


This event lasts from Friday to Sunday and costs: € 127,- p.p in the shared sleeping area and € 137,- p.p for a room.

If this event is like music to your ears and you are the proud owner of a cool motorcycle, I challenge you to join and experience the “Scheurmuts”-way of things in the Ardennes with us!

If you want to sign up for this event or need more information, send an e-mail to Hetty Everaarts at: batonrouge@benhet.be


26 to 28 October 2018
End of the Season Party

Every year during the last weekend of October, we organize a very special and festive End the Season party. The motorcycles are tucked away in the garage for the next season and it’s time to clear the provisions in storage so we can start with a clean slate next year.

Like every year it is always a very nice gathering with great motor stories from that season and preparing some tasty dishes together while enjoying a delicious Belgian beer.

Maybe there is even the chance to take out the motorbike for a spin, because there have been years that it was more than excellent for a wonderful autumn ride.

The Winter of 2018

After busy season, we personally always long for the quiet winter months, we can recover from all the hustle and bustle and have some spare time for all kinds of projects and chores in and around the lodge.

Usually we go on vacation, but this winter, if everything goes as planned, we hope to open our new location.

So a very good reason to have an extra festive weekend at the end of October!

More info will follow later this season, so keep an eye on the website and our Facebook page!


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